Types of paper and themes

Types of paper:

  • report of an empirical study;
  • literature review or meta-analysis;
  • theory-oriented paper;
  • case study.


  • Teaching and Learning (curriculum development and innovation at all levels, approaches to accommodating national and state standards within the context of effective instruction and assessment, teacher development and mentoring, diversity in the classroom and augmented/virtual reality in education, etc.)
  • Language and Literacy Education (theoretical perspectives on language or literacy that address teaching and learning; research-validated approaches to instruction and assessment or curriculum development and refinement for general education learners, second language learners, or those with particular needs; learner identity; social justice in literacy and language teaching and learning; accommodating national and state standards within the context of effective instruction and assessment; digitally-mediated learning, etc.)
  • Diversity in Education (education and multicultural society today, intercultural communication, human rights and anti-racist education, pluralism and diversity in a democratic framework, pluralism in post-communist and in post-colonial countries, migration and indigenous minority issues, refugee issues, language policy issues, etc.)
  • Health and Sport Education (interventions related to primary prevention of chronic disease from a social ecological perspective that conceptualized the effect of individual, interpersonal, institutional, community and policy factors on lifestyle behaviours, advancement of sport/exercise/health sciences, health promotion, health education, social rehabilitation, physical exercise and health, adapted physical activity).
  • Engineering Education (engineering education at all levels, innovation in engineering education strategies, course and curriculum design, teaching, and assessment within and outside of the classroom, etc.)
  • Personality Development in the Educational Environment (professional school counselling, bullying and bullying prevention, social emotional learning, college or career readiness, multicultural counselling and development, performance psychology, etc.)