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educational and pedagogical paradigm, educators, higher education, transformative digital learning


The Program “Educational and pedagogical paradigm shift in theory and practice” is implemented in Applied Research Implementation of Transformative Digital Learning in the Doctoral Study Program “Pedagogy” in Latvia (DocTDLL). This program is developed in cooperation with University of Ontario, Institute of Technology, Canada (EILAB) which is appropriate for implementation in higher education of Latvia and help to develop theoretical basis and practices of tertiary pedagogy. Transformative Digital Learning (TDL) transforms higher educational practices from: authoritarian instruction to democratized learning, individualistic learning to socially distributed and tool-mediated, knowledge building, a mechanism of the status quo to a catalyst for social progress, offer a truly novel approach to the theory of teaching and education, introduce new methodology and practical techniques to learners of all ages. The discourse changes concepts of education because technologies change the learner, ‘what & how’ of this process, democratizes learning, communication, cooperation, interpersonal relationships and emphasizes the presence of moral values in education (Mykhailenko, Blayone, Žogla & Ļubkina, 2019); Žogla, Prudņikova & Mykhailenko,2019;  Žogla, Ušča, & Kijaško,2019).

The purpose of the article is to analyse main results of approbation for the Program “Educational and pedagogical paradigm shift in theory and practice” for further investigation by the above mentioned project.

Supporting Agencies
Implementation of Transformative Digital Learning in Doctoral Program of Pedagogical Science in Latvia (DocTDLL) lzp-2018/2-0180


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Through Educator and Student Attitude Development to Digital Competence. Proceedings of Atee Spring Conference Innovations, Technologies and Research in Education 2019, 82 100. DOI: University of Latvia.




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