• Lienīte Litavniece Rezekne Higher Education Institution, Rezekne




Ccity attractiveness, risk analyses, risk management


The competition among cities contributes to raising new strategic targets; in any case the most important is to provide your city with the necessary human resources – independent people, investors / entrepreneurs and guests/ tourists. As a result, each municipality must take into account many factors in order to avoid cause havoc. The potential risks must be taken into account. The risk management process in the context of attractiveness of the city is a relatively little-studied issue. The paper aims to assess the risks that influence attractiveness of a city and determine their ranking according to the city's attractiveness criteria. The paper is focused on the risk analysis phase, based on attractiveness of a city as the city's strategic goal. The risks were grouped into eleven city attractiveness criteria. An expert survey was carried out, resulting in the risk set for each rank within single criteria. The obtained expert survey data will be used in municipalities during the planning work, because it will give the opportunity to be aware of the major risks, the consequences which may affect city attractiveness.


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Author Biography

  • Lienīte Litavniece, Rezekne Higher Education Institution, Rezekne
    Dr.oec., leading researcher at the Research Institute for Regional Studies


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