• Liene Amantova-Salmane Rezekne Higher Education Institution, Rezekne



Ethics, sustainability, development, justice, solidarity


Ethics can be defined as a reflection on nature and a definition of “the good”. Individuals value qualities and things dissimilarly, most visibly, but they also value their goods in different ways, in different relations to each other, for different reasons, and to different ends. These differences are very applicable to sustainability. In other words, sustainability cannot be achieved without attention to its ethical dimensions. The aim of this research is to examine the ethical aspects of sustainability. Consequently, the main tasks of the research are: to define a reason for developing the ethics of sustainability and to describe the ethical context of sustainability. The following primary research methods are used: the monographic method, analysis, scientific induction and deduction. The key results are: a survey on the responsibility to the next generations and categorized values of the ethics of sustainability. All forms of sustainability in society depend on the human conduct. Therefore, the ethical aspects of reality are of larger significance in ensuring sustainability. Ethical sustainability needs to be realized in order to have sustainable political and social systems and processes.


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Author Biography

  • Liene Amantova-Salmane, Rezekne Higher Education Institution, Rezekne, lecturer at the Faculty of Economics and Management


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