The established tradition to annually publish a Journal in social sciences for a long period is positive experience that allows the authors of papers to share their experience and knowledge on pressing problems of development at regional, national and international levels, analyses of a national economy and business and solutions to socio-economic problems as well as allows acquiring new ideas and skills for future research.
In Journal No. 7, the authors tackle such urgent issues as possibilities of the regional higher education institution to reduce emigration, risks affecting attractiveness of the city, youth unemployment, development of competences in professionals engaged in the tourism and hospitality industry, enterprise management, financial, accounting, tax, legal, etcetera problems.
Since the first publication in 2009, the Journal’s set of topics has expanded, and the number of authors and higher education institutions from Latvia and abroad has increased.
This year the Journal contains research findings of scientists, academics and doctoral students from Latvia and other countries (Poland, Germany and Slovakia), and its purpose is to create a forum for the exchange of academic opinions and discussions.
Every opportunity to publish research findings is important to contribute to faster development of science and, in its turn, of the whole national economy. This year the Journal’s papers are published in English in order to promote international scientific communication.
The editorial board hopes that our Journal has contributed, contributes and will contribute to economic growth in Latgale Region, Latvia and the entire European Union.
The research papers may be useful for professionals who are interested in various social science problems and their solutions, academics, master and doctoral students, researchers and representatives of enterprises.
The editorial board notes that there is a group of authors whose papers have been published in several or even all the seven issues of the Journal and looks forward to successful cooperation with them in future as well as will be glad to expand the range of authors, focusing on new crucial problems and their solutions.The editorial board thanks the authors of papers, the peer reviewers and the cooperation partners for their contribution to the Journal.
Dr.oec. Anda Zvaigzne
Chief editor of the journal

This journal is distributed with an international license:

Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License