Kristīne Sovane, Anda Zvaigzne


Important role in producing goods or services of enterprises that produce products, taking into account every modern method and the latest technology in the field of quality. Among them are the logistics concept Lean Production. The principles of Lean management are familiar in the USA, Japan and other countries, but this approach is not as popular in Latvia as it is abroad. In this scientific article, the author explores Lean management and its impact on enterprises as well as its development trends in Latvia. The aim of this work is the Lean approach and its development in Latvia. To achieve the goal better, the author has used the following methods: monographic or descriptive, grouping, graphical analysis and synthesis. After the research, the author can conclude that there is no demand for Lean approach in Latvia. Only a small number of Latvian companies use the principles of Lean Management for a little more par 5%. This proves that many people do not even know what Lean management is. The author of the work will explore everything about Lean management. Will explore the benefits companies will have after implementing Lean management principles in their companies. The recent trends of the Lean approach in Latvia from 2011 to 2015.


Lean; principles; enterprise; management;

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.17770/iss2017.3036


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