Dagnija Kotāne, Iluta Arbidāne


The topic: “Scandagra Latvia” Ltd. marketing communications research. The problem to be studied: “Scandagra Latvia” Ltd. marketing communications plan does not cover the target audience hindering the company from faster development. Detailed marketing communications planning can help the company to make their marketing activities more target-audience oriented and with higher potential returns, that can give a positive result– new clients. The aim of the research: to investigate marketing communications “Scandagra Latvia” Ltd. “Scandagra Latvia” Ltd. work, activities and supply are described. Marketing communications and their management are examined. Marketing communication processes in “Scandagra Latvia” Ltd. are described and assessed. After the analysis of already existing marketing communications plans, author of the research made some supplements and developed “Scandagra Latvia” marketing communications plan for the year 2017. Theoretical literature was used as well as, periodicals, “Scandagra Latvia” Ltd. no published materials and scientific articles on processes of marketing planning.


agriculture; marketing communications; advertisement; direct marketing;

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.17770/iss2017.3035


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