Art Symposium as a Kind of Cooperation between an Artist and Producer in the context of the Porcelain Design Development

Jevgeņija Loginova


Studying for a Doctoral degree at the Latvian Art Academy the author is interested in the traditions of art symposiums in the Eastern Europe and their impact on the development of ceramics in general. Since her first participation in the All-Union symposium in the Dzintari Creative Center in 1982, the author has acquired a versatile professional experience participating in numerous international symposiums. The analysis of the obtained material allows her to systematize it by using both quantitative and qualitative research methods. The aim of this article is to attract attention to the phenomenon of art symposiums and their impact on the processes of art development, particularly accentuating the sphere of porcelain design. The changes in the motivation of symposiums in the course of time are being undated as they definitely have an impact on the interrelationship between organizers and participants. In this article the design symposiums arranged by the Česky porcelain a.s.Dubi are in the centre of attention. By analyzing these symposiums it is possible to judge of their significance in terms of porcelain design development, which, in its turn, facilitates the growth of industry. Besides, we can also find a new, productive way of cooperation between a producer and artist, thus bringing together the different viewpoints of an individual free-lance artist and the producer.


art symposium; Česky porcelain; a.s.Dubi.; porcelain design; production of porcelain

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